Thursday, November 2, 2006

What I Do When I Can't Sleep

Some people, when they can't sleep, start pacing, or turn on the TV, or maybe, drink warm milk. I write my stream of consciousness until I fall asleep. Then, later I look back and have no idea what I was trying to say. Here's a sample.

A warm hand on the cheek. Bitter brandy at the bottom of a glass. Colors and lights swirl in a delirium. They taunt you and put your mind to sleep. A hand tugs your shoulder and you're swept along.

Daylight. High heels from the night before lying next to your bed. Hair draped over the pillow. There's a teasing hint of vagrant memories lurking inside you. Should you touch them? In a moment, you might be ecstatic or devastated.

Getting dressed, you throw on dark glasses to walk out into the sharp, cold morning sun...or so no one sees your eyes as you slip into the day to day world. You see a variety of faces, some brightly colored, others muted and fading. It's getting harder to remember their names these days. But, you have a friendly greeting for each one.

Then, a door slams shut. You are alone and the flood of emotion can be released. You can remember a whisper, a song, a warm breath on your neck. You can remember the parts that never really happened, but haunted you in your dreams......

( I think that was the point where I finally got sleepy. )

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