Sunday, December 6, 2009

Everything you need to know about me

I felt respectable because I was going out with a guy I met in a bookstore.

I was having fun, but at a point in the night it occured to me that I was dealing with a different mentality than I'm used to. I've been used to men who are creative in some way. They make or build things. Or maybe they study things. Or run experiments. This one was a businessman.

He had mentioned before that he was also a former cop (a homicide detective in NJ).

But now, he told me something that really got my attention. One of his jobs when he was a cop was to analyze handwriting, something he was trained in by the FBI.

I asked him, "You really know how to do that?"

He invited me to sign my name the way I usually do and allow him to demonstrate.

He said if I was being investigated for a crime, one thing that would work in my favor is that the way I cross my t shows that I have a high sense of self and can't easily be convinced to do something I don't believe in. However, if I did ever commit a crime, I would never tell a soul about it. I'm very good at keeping secrets. He pointed out how low the lower loops go. Apparently, I have this in common with the Oklahoma bomber (who he says was caught by handwriting analysis).

He also tells me that I have a this-is-me-just-take-it personality. But, though I seem to have a very open, high-energy personality, the next moment, I'll just clam up.

Oh yeah, and I have a personality that's easily bored. So, if I was a bank robber, the more I got away with it, the more I'd want to do. I guess it's a good thing I'm not a bank robber.

He told me that I could try to change it, but it's like my DNA. It would never really work.

So, though I had only just met this man, he already knew everything about me.

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